the mind of a manic archives for February 2005

Added by snotty on 2005 February 19: It's been a busy few weeks. Just got back from RSA in San Francisco which was tiring. Had a few last minute reshuffles of my staffers, but all in all it was a good time. Jen is off to Japan for a week and then we're off to catch the last remnants of snow at Northstar at Tahoe. Then back to the bay area for more work. In sadder news, because I haven't been flying as much - I have been downgraded to only Primier on united. Oh well - ever since they are no longer a preferred vendor, I have not been flying them that much. I still need to get on a trip to asia as I've not been there since I was a kid. The weather is so good now that it's almost time to start looking into motorcycles and scooters again =)

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