the mind of a manic archives for April 2005

Added by snotty on 2005 April 21: So I'm in vegas now. Last weekend was the Trioba Sprint Race. Congrats to the blue team for a great finish. I'm starting to believe that Vegas is my least favorite city in the US. It has nothing for me now, the cabbies and everyone else is there to rip you off and everything is overpriced for what you get. The only place I liked was the Westin which is slightly off the strip, but a proper hotel. Maybe it's because it's a new place, but it's not completely filled with smoke yet. Next week it's off to London so that will be fun. Hopefully it will be warm over there. In other news, the new pictures are posted which Lily scanned. In other news, I gotta get back into shape and maybe attempt Rainier again this summer, get into shape for more adventure races. I gotta get faster. In other news, a few weeks ago we tried to take Mina to see how she would react to other animals and it did not go well. Lots of clawing, hissing and hiding. Maybe next time.

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