the mind of a manic archives for October 2004

Added by snotty on 2004 October 15: What can I say - did another Trioba 24-hr race (Leavenworth) during Ocktoberfest, but didn't finish. It's much harder to do nav in the dark and when you've been awake 20+ hours. I really need to get better at being able to function with lack of sleep. In other news, Mina the kitty has been living at my place for a week and loves to tear up the leather couches, play with coins, boxes, bags and blinds - but is much better at sleeping in bed without disturbing anyone. Once in a while there are accidents, like spilled olive oil, pepper and balsamic vinegar but all in all, "she's a good kitty." Biking around the lake w/ Janet a few weeks ago was a bit of work on mountain bikes, and I had to miss Michelle's wedding due to the race - but it was good seeing Jen, Michelle, Z, Ami and Cora again (Seti was missing). The vehicles were also a problem this month - someone rear-ended me, but I got that fixed. The bike is still in the shop 'cause someone tipped it over *again*. Other than that - it's almost time to get out the snowboarding gear and plan another Whistler trip.

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